What really matters?

What really matters?

Life-No one can define! Some people enjoy their life by doing what they really want to do ,that makes them happy.Rest of the people are just confused with their lives.
From Birth to Death,but what’s between B and D,Its C-Choice.Our life is just a matter of choices,what to do and what not to do.We stuck here!

Every creature is different from
each other,so accept those living souls as they are.
Hame yeh khubsurat life mili hai aur hame hi isse jeena hai,In the best possible way! Life is very beautiful,you just have to open your eyes and explore the beautiful and amazing
things.Yes! I’m agree that life mein ups and downs aate hai.We should ever loose hopes.hame hamesha hi kushi mile yeh jaruri nahi,par hame iss Zindagi mein sikhna hai..sikhana hai.
What really matters in life?There are plenty of answers for this question! But In my views Love is most important in our life.Ham chahe kuch bhi hasil kar le apni life mein,Ek
khalipan hamesha rahta hai,Nothing can fill those emptiness except love.Love-Most confusing word!Maybe I’m not that much mature to understand this word,but I can feel!
Love means to give and get.Love is not just between a girlfriend-boyfriend,Mother-child,country-savior or a husband and wife! It is present everywhere.you cannot have always
happiness but you can always give happiness.Actually,the real way to gain happiness is to give it to others.True happiness comes from the efforts of making others happy.Give
and share your love every day and greet a beautiful smile to others always.Always remember to smile Maybe someone fallin love with your smile.This nature is so beautiful.
Those green trees,Colorful flowers,bees,wet soil(I love the smell of wet soil💜),animals, birds endless sky,deep sea and the most beautiful little sweet kids they all are too
innoncent. Nature loves us,so we should love our nature by preserving it.No matter what happens in your life,just remember that everything happens for the reason and
you are capable to solve every single problem in your life. If you are feeling low,Just clean your room,decorate it.Listen to your favourite songs and do what makes you happy.Trust me!! your all problems can be solved just by your positive thoughts and your happiness.To clean the
shit up,first clean your mind..Be bold ,Take risks, be confident and do what you can.
Be happy and folllow your heart always.
We know how to go to the moon, but the tragedy is that we still do not know how to live on planet earth.

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Bhagyashree Solanki
A girl with dreams !


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