What Does Young India Want?

What Does Young India Want?

As much as we would like to debate about it, one thing is for sure that there are few things which the young India definitely wants. 

Shall we take a rather not-so-serious look at it?


Yes! Young India definitely does NOT wants a strict criterion of 75% class attendance in universities that should be maintained at all cost. It is college life for Christ’s sake and maintaining 75% of attendance means the youth have practically not enjoyed or experienced anything of their college life other than to just attend boring lectures from early morning.


We definitely don’t want examinations that shamelessly comes knocking at our doors twice a year. We pay to get educated and not examined so mercilessly. Scoring a 9 CGPA is not our dream but the ambition of our parents and THE SOCIETY.



We  would appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts if the likes of MacDonald’s and KFC gets a bit more affordable for us youth and does not leave a huge hole in our pockets after buying just a regular meal from there.



OK, so what keeps us studying and working on day’s end? The answer is really simple. “Alcohol”. Can we please now behave as a mature country that drinks wisely and wouldn’t have to hide it from EVERYONE as if we are still saints!!


      5. GOOD MOVIES

Last but not the least, we want Bollywood to stop making movies such as Judwaa 2, Grand Masti and so on and start making some really great movies! This is the reason why aliens don’t visit in India.


So, that is few of the things that we desperately want and are denied from. The youth ain’t that complicated to understand though, are we?

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