That PUNJABI Vegetarian Friend.

That PUNJABI Vegetarian Friend.

We all know about the special treatment that the “vegetarian” people get from everywhere and anywhere they go. But, have you ever thought about our very loving PUNJABIS ? No, right. The reason being their undivided love and their faithfulness for non-vegetarian food.

Yes, even a PUNJABI can be a VEGETARIAN. Even though it’s unbelievable but it’s true. Disheartening!!

So, what happens when you come across a PUNJABI who turns out to be a vegetarian? Let me tell you:

1. Weird reactions.

Out of everyone, we just can’t accept the fact that even Punjabis can be vegetarians and no wonder they receive some of the most unbelievable reactions globally.


2. You get Alienated. 

A Punjabi who loves grass is considered as a being from Pluto. Thus, even gets rejected by their own friends. Now, for just a single vegetarian Punjabi friend, kon ek plate butter paneer order kare? 


3. Besties Wrath. 

Alright, even our gaurdian angels who have unlimited tolerance for our shits have an expiry date as well. So, when that vegetarian guy keeps on ranting about you being a murderer, it just gets too much to handle once in a while. Plus, Uski mom ke haath ki bani hui non-vegetarian dishes bhi uska ek lauta yaar nhi pasand karta. 


4. You don’t even get a date. 

95% of the world population is now non-vegetarian. So, finding a date for that dear Punjabi friend of yours is no less than Mission Impossible 7. And finding a vegetarian girl for our Gabroo Jassi Gill is as tough as getting back the Kohinoor from Britain. Dal aur paneer ke siva to koi option nhi hota inke pass lekin bandi inko tangri kebab maafik chahia. How is that even possible?



5. Vegetarian Punjabi weddings. 

Nahi bhai, ye dhundhna to impossible hai. Ab kis Punjabi shaadi mei daaru aur chicken nhi banta?  Use shaadi nhi, “shraadh” kehte hai. 


6. Less variety of food. 

Even the restaurants have failed to invent various vegetarian dishes apart from paneer. Every menu card has the least space reserved for the vegetarian items which is usually so tiny that the entire address of the restaurant looks humongous in front of it. Bechara apna Punjabi Dal Makhani aur Raita ke siva khaye bhi kya? 


Apparently, their lives are so tragic that if Devdas would have been alive today then he would have laughed and said,Mujhe to sharaab ne mara. Chutiye, tu kyun zinda hai ab tak?” 

Anyway, we still love our that single Punjabi friend who is a vegetarian but still fills our lives with happiness, nonetheless.

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Banhisha Kundu
Writer in making. Intellectual being.

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