The world has always seen how different Bengalis are from Punjabis. One is known as the ‘land of brave hearts’, while the other is known as ‘the land of fierce Maa Durga’. One is known for its friendship, while the other is known for literacy. While Punjab is known for Bhagat Singh, Bengal is famous as the birth place of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. While Rabindrath Tagore won the Nobel Prize for India; Maharaja Ranjit Singh won battles against the enemies and became the pride of our nation. And the list of their greatness don’t stop here.

Having differences between themselves, these states still have few striking similarities as well:

1. Food lovers.

Both Bengalis and Punjabis are great foodies. They just live for food. But, their immense love for ‘chicken’ makes these two clans so similar. Ask them anything and they will give you. Just don’t ask them to share their ‘chicken’. NEVER.


2. Loud in Nature.

Bengali moms somehow loves shouting at the top of their voice upon their kids, while Punjabis are always shouting (in a friendly way, of course!). These guys are the actual reason for the hike in noise pollution.

3.Born Rebels.

Somehow, the people of these two states doesn’t understand discipline or decorum. Forbid them from doing a thing and the very next moment you can expect news that they have done it already. Bheje mein baat ghusti hi nahi hain… mana kiya matlab karna hain!


4. The Alcoholics.

Ok, so their love for alcohol is something that the entire world now knows about. Be it a wedding or a house party, you’ll always find the Bengalis and Punjabis totally sloshed even before the party get started and there would always be that non-alcoholic guy in the group who would drag up the bodies. And the matter of fact is, these guys don’t even need a proper reason to drink. Starting from a cousin’s wedding or a friend’s break up, they’re like “chal bhai, daaru peete hain”.

5.  Their ROYAL weddings.

The entire nation can’t deny the fact that the wedding ceremonies of both Punjabis and Bengalis is a royal affair. From high-end decorations, numerous functions, varieties of food that even the host has no idea of to fashion that can compete Manish Malhotra’s fashion show any given day. Bongs and Punjabis knows how to arrange a WEDDING in its true ‘shaan’, even though some of the dance steps can make any normal person embarrass.

6. Born Talented.

We all know Sushmita Sen, MISS Universe (1994), India’s first woman to win this beauty pageant is a Bengali beauty who was a successful actress and is now a very successful business woman. Priyanka Chopra, MISS World (2000), our very own Punjabi kudi to rule globally now on the hearts of people around the world. Punjabis and Bengalis are born talented.

No wonder, they are loved by all because of their funny and easy-going nature. If you have a Bengali or a Punjabi as your friend then you’re indeed lucky. And, if you have them both, then you’re the luckiest.

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Banhisha Kundu
Writer in making. Intellectual being.

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