Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Treatment in Ayurveda

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Treatment in Ayurveda

PCOS or Poly cystic ovary syndrome is an endocrine system disorder which is seen commonly among the women in the reproductive age. One of the main symptoms of poly cystic ovary syndrome is that the women affected by this disease would have a number of very small cysts in their ovaries due to this symptom of the disease it is named poly cystic ovary syndrome. The cyst which is present in the ovary of the women would not be harmful but could lead to hormonal imbalance. One of the main problem ones would face with hormonal imbalance is the fact that one hormonal change would trigger another which in turn would form a circle. The rate at which women get affected with poly cystic ovary syndrome is observed to be increasing every day. Researchers say that 5% to 10% of women in India are affected by PCOS during their reproductive age. One of the main reason for this increasing rate at which female get affected by the disease is due to the unhealthy lifestyle they follow. Apart from the allopathic treatment the disease could be better treated with Ayurveda. Kerala is a land known for its ancient magical treatment houses a number of Best Ayurvedic Treatment Centers in Kerala like Aura Ayurveda & Spa which would provide the patients with the best Ayurveda treatments for poly cystic ovary syndrome. One of the bases of Ayurveda treatment is to know in detail about the disease than its symptoms. So in Ayurveda treatments, it is important to know more about the treatment it is necessary to know about the disease, its cause and risk involved in the disease.

Causes of Poly cystic ovary syndrome

PCOS or Poly cystic ovary syndrome is believed to be caused due to the unhealthy lifestyle followed by the females. To start with an Ayurveda treatment of the disease it is highly necessary to know more about the disease and its cause. PCOS is a disease of which even the modern medical science has complete information on. Some of the main causes of the disease are listed below.

  • Hereditary – In most of the diseases genetic could be the main factor. Poly cystic ovary syndrome is a disease that seems to be passing in families. Hence the chances for an individual to get affected with this disease are very high if the female in the family is affected by this disease or have diabetes or irregular periods. This disease could be passed from parents to the kids and could be passed down through generations.
  • Hormonal imbalance – Change in hormones or irregular hormonal production or better known as hormonal imbalance could be a major factor in being affected by PCOS. females affected with Poly cystic ovary syndrome is mostly detected with an abnormality in the production of sex hormone-binding globulin or SHBG, androgen, prolactin, luteinizing hormone or LH and would in turn effect ovulation in a negative way.
  • Insulin resistance – Females affected by the disease could have different problems in using insulin which would lead to different and abnormalities in the blood sugar level. This could increase the amount of insulin present in the body of the individual and thereby increase the secretion of the androgen and in turn, lead to hormonal fluctuations.
  • Mild inflammation – Females affected with Poly cystic ovary syndrome is observed to have mild inflammation at a very low rate which in turn stimulates the poly cystic ovaries and thereby produces androgen in the individual’s body.

Risk factors in PCOS

  • Infertility or Sub-fertility- This is one of the common problems faced by the females affected by PCOS. This could be mainly due to the overproduction of male hormones in the individual’s body like testosterone or due to the hormonal imbalance. Females affected by the disease will have infrequent release of eggs which lead to less chance of being pregnant. Females affected by this disease have chances of becoming pregnant with complications or with medical treatments.
  • Endometrial Cancer – Women affected with poly cystic ovary syndrome is said to have a higher risk of being affected by Endometrial Cancer. They could also feel the build-up of the endometrial lining but this lining will not be shed properly due to abnormal periods. This would lead to the continuous building of the lining and thus lead to cancer.
  • Lipid Abnormalities- Increase in the hormone testosterone in the female body will lead to the presence of unfavorable lipid profile in the females affected by the disease. Most females affected with the disease will have a low or high density of good or bad cholesterol. This abnormality in the body could lead to cardiovascular disease.
  • Cardiovascular Risks– Females affected with this disease is mostly observed to have an abnormality in lipid levels which would increase the risk of heart disease mainly heart attack in females 4 to 7 times higher.

Treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of treatment in the world which is considered as the magical treatment with herbs and oils. Treatment for Poly cystic ovary syndrome is something which is available in most  Popular Ayurvedic  Treatment Packages in Kerala. The Ayurveda treatments offered in Kerala mainly aims at curing the root of the disease than the simple symptoms. In Ayurveda different menstrual diseases are listed under the artava vaha sroto dushti. According to Ayurveda PCOS is a complex disease which is listed under anartava, medo vaha sroto dushti, and kashaya and rasa vaha sroto dushti. Poly cystic ovary syndrome is a disease with a definite cure in Ayurveda. One of the main difficulties that females affected with the disease would face while choosing Ayurveda treatment is that the treatment would even extend up to 6 months to 1 year. The Ayurveda treatment offered in Kerala for Poly cystic ovary syndrome includes Panchakarma and internal medication.  Panchakarma treatments like Udvarthanam, Vamana, Virechana and basti are said to be very effective in treating the disease.

Benefits of Panchakarma in Women with PCOS

This is one of the main treatments in Kerala which is believed to be a cure for almost every disease in human body. Some of the main benefits of the Panchakarma treatment in curing poly cystic ovary syndrome are listed below.

  • Strengthen the mental faculties and vitality
  • Remove toxins
  • Decreases insulin resistance
  • Reduces body weight
  • .Promotes fertility
  • Regulates normal hormone secretion
  • Fine tunes the endocrine system and
  • Strengthen the body metabolism

Internal medicines useful in PCOS

Apart from Panchakarma treatment the treatment for PCOS includes intake of a number of medicines to provide the patient with the best result of the treatment. Some of such medicines which are used in treating this disease are given below.

  • Kashayams like Saptasaram, Varunadi, Dashamoola, Tila and Sukumaram.
  • Ashokarishta and Kumaryasava
  • Choorna like Hinguvachadi, Shatavari and Ashwagandha choorna
  • Vati like Raja pravartini, Kanchanar guggulu and Chandraprabha
  • Pippalyadi tail

All these Ayurveda medicines which are used in the treatment of Poly cystic ovary syndrome have the medicinal power to melt or destroy the cyst by stimulating ovulation by inducing proper menstruation which helps in having a regular menstrual flow and thereby aids conception naturally. Poly cystic ovary syndrome is a very complex disease about which lot more is to discover in the modern medical science so it is always advisable to choose Ayurveda treatment methods offered in Kerala which provides the best herbal treatment with least side effects and complete results.


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