Top 11 movies of Jackie Chan

Top 11 movies of Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is a versatile actor, director, stuntman and comedian. He has been awarded Medals of Honor for his works of charity in England, Japan and Indonesia. He is especially popular among children for his easy going and friendly nature. He recently received an honorary Oscar for his work in movies.

Did you know that his first onscreen shot was of him getting beaten up by the character of Bruce Lee in the movie Enter The Dragon?

Here are a few of his movies that are worth mentioning.


  • The Karate Kid– Set in modern day China, this film traces the journey of Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) from being a weakling to a disciplined Kung-Fu champion under the guidance of his master Mr. Han (Jackie Chan). This movie is well known for Smith’s and Chan’s portrayal of the student-master dynamic, as well as its peaceful soundtracks.


  • Shanghai Noon– Starring Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan, this movie is an all out laughter fest. Jackie Chan plays the role of Imperial palace guard Chon Wang while Owen Wilson plays the role of outlaw Roy O’Bannon.


  • Shanghai Knights– Released after the success of Shanghai Noon, this movie is a sequel of Shanghai Noon but it’s not a continuation. Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan reprise the roles of the previous film. It’s extremely comical rendition of Sherlock Holmes’ creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is something to watch.


  • The Forbidden Kingdom– One of the best movies ever, the forbidden kingdom is about a fictitious kingdom set in ancient China. It stars both Jet Li and Jackie Chan, so it is a big deal in the martial arts movie genre. Add to that the amazing storyline and you get 100 minutes of pure entertainment.


  • The Tuxedo– This movie revolves around scientifically advanced tuxedo handed out to special agents, which enables the wearer to do any job with ease. Jackie Chan plays the role of the driver of such an agent. He soon falls victim to misunderstanding and pretends to be an agent himself leading to disastrous circumstances.


  • The Medallion– Jackie Chan plays the role of a Hong-Kong policeman who gains superhuman powers and immortality when he dies trying to save a spiritual child prodigy. He then battles another superhuman, Snakehead to save the child, his love and the world.


  • Nice Guy– Jackie Chan plays the role of a cook, Jackie. This movie has immaculate humor and thrilling plot that will make you stick to your seat while it plays.


  • Around the World in 80 Days– Ridden with highly infectious comedy, this movie is a parody of Jules Verne’s novel ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. Jackie Chan plays the role of the help-boy Passport. This movie has funny contraptions and funnier handling popping in at various times during the movie.


  • The Myth– Jackie Chan plays the role of an archeologist who gets weird dreams about ancient China and a princess and a commander there. Dismissing his dreams as imagination, he moves on only to find a portrait of ancient China that resembles the face in his dreams!


  • Spy Next Door– Jackie Chan plays the role of a nerd who actually is an undercover spy. Problem arises when his unsuspecting girlfriend leaves him in charge of her children and enemies turn up at his door.


  • Rob-B-Hood– Loosely based on ‘Baby’s Day Out’, three thugs fall in trouble when they kidnap a baby from a rich household in return for ransom. They start to actually care for the baby and are reluctant to let go of the baby when another underworld lord tries to snatch it from them.


This was a list of all the movies of Jackie Chan that are worth watching. A few more honorable mentions are- A Police Story series, Rush Hour series, Drunken Master series, Project A series and Kung Fu Panda 2. Jackie Chan gave his voice for the character of Monkey in Kung Fu Panda 2.  

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