Gradually, it came to me

things which I failed to foresee

whispers so soft as cotton melting in my hand

and slipping sand from my fist…

A list of people so comfy, lies with list of people so harsh;

so parched their smile like a delusional rainbow

that arches upon my head; my hopes so dead

and I feel all of this, as I lie so flat on my cracking spine,

as I dine with death itself


They say they’ll help me as I grow, as I learn,

as a spore turns into a greenish fern

As I learn to walk, as I learn to talk, as I learn to dock my boat on the shore

, and more of the knowledge they impose on me

, and a door name “IMAGINATION” they close on me

, and I see their faces covered with masks

, as a burden of responsibilities they store on me

with a smile so fake camouflaging the despair,

A wave of darkness, the lure on me


Shall I run my feet

to a place so long and forgotten like a song of a bird in the day

shall I run away

to a place of the people with expectations from me,

no regrets, no anger, and no sorrow for their tomorrow

that they…

can borrow from me,

A place where beauty of each soul merges

with the feelings of us Humans, which surges

and i poured down into a rift


And i know for a fact

a place like this will never exist


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Ashutosh Dixit
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