Brown Sunshine: Part 3

Brown Sunshine: Part 3

Maybe I could find where Natasha was sitting? I looked around. It seemed that she was not in my coach. Helix, Shashank and Madhul were in the next coach.

This would be a decent alibi to go looking out for her!

I walked my way to the adjacent one. The moment I entered it, I traced her. There she sat. Suddenly I felt an adrenaline pump. Shit! I must talk to her. I went close towards her seat. She sat with her back facing towards me.

It has always been this thing about Natasha. In a sense, I have always seen her walking away from me than walking towards me. Metaphor Alert!!

I walked towards her. She was sitting with her group of girls. They were really shouting on top of their voices. I guess they were excited about this trip. Why shouldn’t they? And this coach was extremely congested.

Small and steady steps. I told myself. You wouldn’t want to trip and create a scene in front of her.

Just then, I approached her seat. It’s like whenever I meet her, my senses go on a holiday. My mind stops functioning and I’m completely at a loss of words to say. Maybe, like I stare into her face the whole time.

Huh!! How dumb of me.

And….this time it was no different. I simply walked past her seat. At this very (anxious) moment, somebody calls my name…a female voice….

“Arvind!!, hey…”

You know this thing about a failed relationship? Whenever you see a call from an unknown number in your phone, You call back, expecting her to be caller. But the saddest truth will dawn upon you when you hear the mobile retailer’s recorded voiceSo now, I turned….my heart thumped in my chest.

I looked at Natasha. She kept staring at her phone. I expected her head to rise up. It didn’t. I looked side wards. It was Sonya.

Well Sonya was , in three words, very very beautiful. That’s all I knew about her. Apart from the fact that she studied my class. I gave her a familiar look and said…


“Arvind, actually Medha wanted me to give you this. Give it to Shashank.”

And she held out a well folded paper. I could see Medha sitting beside Sonya. She was on the window seat and busy looking at the beautiful scenery outside. 
 Another Introvert!! Huh!

“Yeah…I’ll give” Maybe I heard a small giggle among the girls as I took that piece of paper and walked past them. I instantly opened it.

“And only Shashank can open it. …Strictly …” Sonya shouted. I nodded my head in irritation. I thought I could look back to catch one glimpse of Natasha. But my self-conscience did not help. I walked away to the next coach where Shashank, Madhul and Helix were seated.

Shashank…Lucky Bastard!!

I waved at them. Madhul smiled back as I handed over the letter to Shashank.

“From Medha…” I said. I saw Helix reading a book very seriously.

I was like…You FUCKING brought JEE books over here??

Then the other two joined me…

“Helix… You FUCKING brought JEE books over here??”

Helix looked at us for one whole second. Life without JEE?? In-comprehensible as it was for himHe obediently closed them.

We looked up at Shashank…expecting something dramatic from the contents of the letter.

“What……?? Did Medha give this to you?” Shashank asked.

“YES…Sonya did actually. WHY? What HAPPENED??”

“It’s Fucking blank……….!!!!!!!!”

All of us looked at each other s’ face. “I’m not joking, Sonya gave this.” I said in defense.

“FUCK IT…..” Shashank exclaimed.

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