She leans against the rusty pole that dimly lights the street
Popping her gum and twirling her hair waiting for someone to meet
A vehicle rolls to a stop in front of her and invites her in 
She accepts the invitation and travels to her place of sin

She does her deed and picks up her cash
And returns to the rust post looking for her next bash
A few more come and go and the cash is flowing
She starts to believe she is making something for living

What this 16 year old girl doesn’t realize 
She is exposed to life too soon
She has reduced herself to a product for sale
Never truly getting the respect she should gain
It’s all messy,
It’s all clumsy now.
That’s the life she had taken is complete trash

She was proud that night
That money gave her light
Now, it’s bare and empty.
They rubbed her,
They licked her,
They fucked her,
she is numb
still leans against the pole realizing 
 that she was dumb.

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Arushi jaiswal

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