Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody

Mr.  nobody whom I cant see around ,
Where he is , still not found .
But he is there  when you need a lap ,
He would take you to a small nap .
The nap when your eyes will be open wide ,
He will sit with you by your side .
You will feel that you are never alone ,
He will whisper “my child you are never grown ”.
If you ever feel alone ,just go and sit near him ;
In a drowning situation ,he will teach you to swim .
He  won’t let you drown in the sea of pain ,
Who else will think about your gain .
Believe in him , he is present right there ,
Smiling and waiting to give a hug full of care .
He will simply make you go your own way ,
For  he has made us all with clay .

Love , faith and a smile is what he will ever need ,
His demands are beyond the world of greed .
He is with me and there,  he is with you ;
Just love him , he will come and go without any clue .
He is mr. nobody , he is your  God 
Just smile at him with a sweet nod .

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Arushi Singla
Words Create MAGIC, I am the magic wand.

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