Open Letter To That Thin Girl on Facebook Who Thinks “Fat” Girls Are Ugly

Open Letter To That Thin Girl on Facebook Who Thinks “Fat” Girls Are Ugly

I do not “support” obesity, but I do promote a healthy amount of self worth.

Dear Thin Girl On Facebook,

I like how you think, it reminds me of someone famous. Fuhrer Hitler.

Now let us dissect your post bit by bit (presumably, I am just as jobless as you)

People in the West are fat, that itself is a generalization, I do have friends who live in the West-East-North-South. Being fat has nothing to do with where you live, but more about the accessibility of affordable junk food. Not everyone can afford a gluten free diet or a gym membership. Those who can, mostly eat healthy, exercise a lot and are conscious of their weight.

Since you like tables and facts so much, here’s one:

Male Obesity figures for NHFS-3 stood at 10% and the recently concluded NHFS-4 pins it at 39%

So you can see, obesity is not a western trend but rather a struggle for resources.

Next, being nice and being not nice. Well, you know that little word people use “Personality”?

That decides, besides many other factors too, of course. A person’s personality has nothing to do with their body shape or size. I am fat, but I am not nice, as you must have sensed already (just be glad, because I can be way worse)

People being nice, mean, unkind, patient.. All of it is a part of their innate character and their inherent being. Not something people gain along with their weight. Gosh, and not everyone is a people pleaser, not denying that there are none, but I have seen skinny people too who would go to any extremes to be liked. I mean what is even the relationship between body weight and behaviour?

Here is what you sound like:

You have a mole, it is an insult to be having a mole, it is an abuse to your pretty face to have a mole. What are you proud of? The fact that your mole can be malignant and in fact a tumour? Do not shove your mole in my face because my tiny mind cannot comprehend that you have a mole when I have none. You are having that mole because you are a certain way and because you do not get it removed.

Do you realise how silly it sounds? Because this is what you sound like to us.

You are a fitness freak, kudos to you. But you are a fitness fanatic? Too bad, do you know what fanaticism leads to? That is where I compare you to the Führer.

Bigotry is not a trophy to be proud of too, but then of course, nobody stopped you, did they? Sadly, you feel nobody should make fun of anybody but your entire answer was like a sneering retort to all those who may have taken their time to be comfortable with their body. Being comfortable and being proud are different things.

Be kind, Thin Girl On Facebook, because everyone has their own struggles.

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Apoorva Malhotra

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