First Love

First Love

Dear First Crush,

Do you remember the sunny hot afternoon, your punctured bike as I wheeled by?

I walked back home as you cycled on, we switched places.

Do you remember when I slowed down before the finishing line?

Your team member overtook me and came first. You cheered and smiled.

Do you remember the taste of the Chocolate that I made you? Does it still linger on your taste buds?

You squealed in delight and snatched the whole container off my hand. I knew you loved chocolates.

Do you remember being paired as Lab partners?

The sleepless nights spent during sleepovers to get the Lab Manuals ready on time.

Do you remember when I nudged my textbook on your desk and taking on martyrdom?

Miss N was such a hardass to punish students for not getting their textbooks.

Do you remember the purple umbrella that made a magical appearance in your bag on a rainy day?

You smiled and said that someone is watching out for you.

Do you remember these memories? Because years later, two drinks down, I do.

I remember watching you roll into his society on my cycle, meeting him after school.

I remember you hugging him in glee and congratulating him for winning the race.

I remember you running off with the chocolate and him licking it off your fingers.

I remember the nights that you spent texting him, while I completed your Lab Manuals.

I remember finding his name scrawled on the last page of my textbook that I had lent you.

Yes, with pink little hearts. Miss N was not the only bitch in the class that day.

I remember watching you standing at the corner, kissing him in the rain… under my umbrella.

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Apoorva Malhotra
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