Essentials for winter holiday

Essentials for winter holiday

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside
the fire: it is the time for home.”
-Edith Sitwell
For the poet, winter is the time to stick to home. On the contrary, some people are ardent lovers of wintry nature.
They prefer wandering around from place to place in winter. This is the perfect time for travelling. There are
people who enjoy solitude with a cup of coffee and a book. But what about must haves in the travel bag of
When the winter ushers in, armed with cold wind and fog, one must carry a lip balm rich in shea butter which has
excellent moisturising properties. Also, a scarf or muffler should never be forgotten. It is essential for winter
A few parts of India experience snow fall during winter. To fight back the frost, a leather jacket or a bomber
jacket is incredibly important to carry. Boots are the ideal footwear for winter since they cover up the entire feet
and keep them warm. Accompanied by socks, boots are to be worn when winter reigns supreme. The clothing
item that are worn inside the jacket should also be given adequate attention because there might be a certain point
of time where the jacket will be no longer needed. Tourists must keep a lot of moisturiser in their travel bags to
keep flaky skin at bay. One should always keep this in mind that winter makes skin stretchy. At the same time,
this should also be remembered that the amount of fluid a person is carrying is restricted in flights. Small
containers of moisturiser and other liquid products are preferred to larger bottles. Who would want to return
home with scaly skin!
For women who feel more comfortable in ethnic outfits, a nice woollen shawl is a great option. It can be teamed
up with a saree or a salwar kameez. Other than that, a woollen cardigan is widely used, so that can also be carried
in the travel bag for winter holiday. Beanies are great winter headwear which are timelessly fashionable. Scarves,
gloves, socks are very essential in winter; keeping aside the jackets, cardigans, shawls, pullovers. To prevent
dehydration, water or other hydrating drinks must always be carried. Medicines should be inside travel bags as
winter makes people catch cold easily. One should never skip a shower during winter. Taking a shower or a bath
keeps the body temperature under control. It also keeps the body free from germs, so a shower should never be
skipped no matter how much the level of mercury falls. A rich moisturiser and a lip balm are life savers. They
come to rescue whenever the dry skin calls for help.
Winters are ideal for travelling in India because of its pleasant weather. Nobody ever gets tired enough of
travelling in winter. Keeping aside the drying and dehydrating part, winter is majestic.

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