Rebellious youth

Rebellious youth

They fight against corruption
with lots of protest and agitation.

They want to clear the dirt in the system of government,
which spreads to the whole world like an infection.

They speak about votes which is supreme power of our own and is misused.

And they want to throw out the bribed officers
who eat the belief of commoner.

For every work to be done,
everyone has to burn a hole in their pockets.

But when water flows above the head,
people come to streets with a placard on way ahead

They protest, marched, shout and fight, but no result.
Because at the end when
cops charge baton on them, everybody splits around like bees from the hive.
Some got injured and some dead.
Some lay in hospitals, while some prepared for heavenly ways.

I ask, why those who fought for the country and raised their voices,
were the only ones who lost their lives, suffered?
whereas the politicians having criminal background were like free birds?

This country of ours was called GOLDEN BIRD so why there is corruption all over?
I say it to us, arise, awake and fight
and make India’s story a Golden Era.


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Anubhuti Ajit

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