Out in the Wind (my first poem, dedicated)

Out in the Wind (my first poem, dedicated)

One day,

I had gone out in wind, on a beautiful sunny day.

The weather kissed me like you kissed me, dad,

when I, was merely a kid.

Sitting on bench always smelt a marvellous fragrance of delicious food, 

which you cooked mom.

I thought I’d never you when the days of coming here were few.

You taught me

how to read,

how to write,

how to behave.

But I like a stupid kid always made a mistake. 

I came here after few days and started missing you as I was alone like a baby, 

who is removed from the warmth of its mother’s arms?

Now, there was nobody to guide me 

what should I do and what I shouldn’t.

So, whenever I feel lonely,

just close my eyes and see you only.

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Anubhuti Ajit

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