Clearance, Clarity, Calm.

Clearance, Clarity, Calm.

I returned home, that hot sultry afternoon,
to see everything in a complete mess.
I sat down and prayed to God,
hoping he would know how to clean it best.

A little joy lay hidden beneath the carpet,
some jealousy spilled on the floor.
The smell of the past overruled the air,
opportunities crushed underneath the door.
My coat was hanging lousily there,
greed stuffed in its pocket.
A wind of regret flew in through the window,
with no wisdom to block it.
My bed sheets were all dirty and soiled,
anger had slept in my bed.
Plants had begun withering away,
their leaves had begun to shed.
Dust and dirt here and there,
everything was scattered,
I had to find, amidst all of this,
the things that really mattered.
I had lost that happy picture of me,
the kindness I owned had vanished!
That fire of breaking open dwindled,
with no inspiration to fan it.
Believe it or not,
All our rooms are like this.

Lets not wait for God,
To send servants from the skies.
Lets begin now, because, we desperately
need to clean our lives.

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Anoushka Zaveri

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