I chose the road less traveled by.

I chose the road less traveled by.

No way in this world is easy, all that makes a difference is our Passion and Hard Work. Similar was the story with Sanya. She was more than an average girl, sincere towards studies, all assignments completions on time, not even a single complaint from teachers. Parents were satisfied their girl is doing well! It seems like a near to ideal scenario but a major part was missing. A major part of her interest was missing.

She was doing all this work like some robot, physically working and working to please the world, to escape from long questionnaire rounds and scoldings. Every second she saved by completing her tasks was devoted to her hobby: Painting.

When Sanya’s parents all the time believed that their kid was an average student in every field little did they know how brilliant she was at painting. The reason she spent a majority of her hours in her room alone. It’s a wonder how she hid her talent even from her parents.

” Why don’t you show all this artistic work to your parents little girl?” Her teacher asked.

” Madam, I find my solace in them. Whenever I’m anxious, losing my patience or have to find peace. I paint. It’s not only my passion. It’s my emotional outlet. I’m afraid if I tell anyone they’ll stop me. They will take away Me from Me. I won’t be able to survive that, so please don’t tell them when they come for parents meet.”

” Okay dear, but one fine day promise me you’ll tell them. Let this world know about your talent and that day my girl you ought to be very strong at heart.” Teacher said.

Years passed with same protocol going on. She was a perfectionist now. There was a drastic change in her  personality after that day. She didn’t talk much the only time she interpreted herself was through her paintings. She became more of a standalone girl. Never expecting anyone’s support. As if she had an idea what was coming for her.

It was her high school result day. Her parent’s made her pursue medical. Being a doctor was a reputed profession, along with safe future according to them. She survived medical. Yes survival is the word because that’s actually how much it consumes you. Last two years she hardly got time for her paintings due to the hiked study load as well as perform-well pressure.

It was the time she had to apply for her Majors college. Her parents were beyond happy because she cleared her entrance exam and was getting a reputed MBBS college.

A letter was lying on her table from weeks. An offer letter from the Art Institute. Her dream came true. She got into the best institute. She knew this was a now or never situation. Everyone gathered for dinner. She was quiet and anxious that day. A letter lying in her lap with a portfolio of her paintings.

“Dad I want to show you something. I have been hiding this for years from you. I never thought my passion would get me into some top college. There are thousands of entries for it. It must have been my teachers who gave my referrals. Here are my paintings.”

Her mom and dad in a state of dilemma. Her mom turning pages over pages shocked. Her dad watching from behind.

” Dad this is my life. This is what I want to do. I applied for some colleges and I got into the best one, here’s the offer letter. I want to pursue something I love, something I can do the whole of my life.”she said.

She continuously looked into her parent’s eyes. To catch a glimpse of proud taking over. For a moment only she could feel that they realize how important painting is to her, and she just stood, just expecting. Nothing more than that.

” Is this why Sanya you were an average student whole of your life? Devoting all your precious time doing this stupid stuff. No, you are not pursuing something with no future. I have spent my hard-earned money on you, not to see my daughter as some painter.  You are not doing this.”

She stood there. As if knowing this was coming. It clicked her this was the time her teacher was telling her about.

” No, I have spent 18 years of my life following your guidelines not even questioning once. But not now. Because this choice will make the difference to my whole life ahead. I can’t keep on doing something I’ll regret, hate the whole of my life. Especially I don’t want to play with anyone’s life because of my disinterest. These paintings are my life, this is what I am. You have to accept me as I am.”

” You won’t be given any assistance financially Sanya if you pursue this. I’m not going to waste my money on your stupid interests. You have decided to ruin your life, go enjoy.”

Maybe this was what she was preparing herself for years to face. She left the place that day. Thanking her parents to let her live as she wanted.

It felt like I started living that day. I won’t say it was easy. It was HARD, VERY HARD to leave the people, I loved the most, behind. It was HARD to survive in the world alone. I got friends who were my second family. I started working for an art gallery for my college fees. I was topping each passing semester. I felt the satisfaction that I have missed for so many years. Today if somebody asks me “Do you regret opting this?”
Answer would still be: I’m proud I did so. I chose the road less traveled. Somewhere I still hope, someday my parents accept the Real Me but that won’t change my decisions.

No field is good or bad. It’s just how well we perform in it. It’s to rise up from the mindset: ” Being Doctors and Engineers will only lead to a safe and reputed life.” Rebel is good if you are rebelling for the right thing. Compromise till a particular limit. Till the limit you know you can bear along with the consequences.
The majority of great personalities weren’t doctors or engineers that explains all!

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Anjali Chopra
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