The Digital Crucifixion

The Digital Crucifixion

Lost he was in a world of his own,

Where futile promises he did not have to keep

When a familiar voice broke his sleep.

“Freshen up fast” his mother cried,

To get him to have breakfast, she tried.

Ignorant of the world, he decided to have a look

At the photo Richa had recently uploaded on Facebook.


He came back excited from school looking for his sister

With a story up his sleeve to share,

But unfortunately she hadn’t even a minute to spare.

Dejected, he contemplated hiding away her phone

Under the grass that was freshly mown.

Little did he know the reason for this communication gap

Was none other than his beloved Whatsapp.


The family set out for a nice Saturday evening 

Ascertaining what they want,

When they chanced upon their favourite restaurant.

As he set out to eat his favourite cuisine de la Hong Kong,

He realized that something felt wrong.

Figuring out the problem, he hit the table BAM

He had forgotten to upload a picture on Instagram!


He returned home all weary and tired

Hoping to get some rest,

When some other thought got his best.

Wishing his parents goodnight he darted to his room

And turned on the soulful music of Blume.

Switching off the lights, he lit the candles on his Menorah,

And set out to waste a long hour on Quora.


Looking down upon his petty life

Up in heaven Jesus let out a smile

In his traditional divine style.

He had accepted the harsh reality which was galore

And in his heart, pity for these humans he bore.

Sure all this is a work of fiction,

But the truth is we all are victims of Digital Crucifixion.



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Anirudh Deshpande

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