Revival of the Dead

Revival of the Dead

Ghosts revive and retreat…. Ghosts weren’t real….this was what we believed till date… spirits, demons and souls are fictitious….but after this…. My opinion changed…and so will yours…!!!

A new beginning, new place, new friends and the road seemed like an impasse. Hauz khas was an interesting place and so were the people. But this was not what I had expected. The bright scorching sun drained all the hopes and calmness out of me. This place was like a burning phoenix and all my previous experiences of moist and pleasant weather faded away. The rumbling of the car finally stopped and I reached my final destination. “THE ABANDONED MANSION”.

Well, don’t get carried away by the name. I don’t know how it came to being named so, but I was met by rather twisted old fellow by the gate. He had an uncanny resemblance to those security guards you see in movies, guarding haunted mansions and warning you against going inside, so much so that I almost let out a laugh. I was expecting something of the sorts here as well, but this one seemed to be a very friendly person and started chatting with me on the way to the door telling me all sorts of stories about the landlord and the house. He touched upon something related to some death, or a suicide, but I couldn’t have cared less, drowned in my own pool of thoughts.

This was my last chance as I had already tried quite a few houses before but encountered some or the other problem with each one of them. This house suited me the best because of its proximity to the college. I hurried my way towards the main porch and was welcomed by a strange looking old man. Soon I discovered that he was the owner of the house, Mr. Anthony, and I had a nice conversation with him. Later, he approved of me and allowed me to live in the house as a tenant but his face left me mystified. I was sure he wanted to warn me of something. I asked him the same, but he refused with a perplexed look on his face. I knew he was wondering how I managed to read through his “expressionless” face. On further coercing, he finally said “Look Ryan, you must know that this house is known to be haunted by many. A few years ago, a student committed suicide as he was going through a mental trauma because of the existence of some ghostly spirits. Or so he wrote in his letter.” “Ah! I thank you for your concern sir but I seriously don’t believe in ghosts and spirits. They are just a part of fantasy and the fictitious world” I replied bravely. Little did I know then that I would be proved wrong in the next few weeks to come. Mr Anthony handed over the room keys to me and led me through the lobby to my room.

My room was quite a dark and dirty one with cobwebs across the four corners of the ceiling. It had a rather disturbing feel to it. I quickly freshened up and went to attend my first lecture session in the Birla Management College. After returning home, I switched on the T.V. for that day’s headlines. After a while, I started feeling drowsy but suddenly the sound of breaking of glass drew my attention. I saw that my photo frame had broken down and at the same time the volume of the T.V. had suddenly increased. I tried to lower the volume but the remote was not working and then I got an eerie feeling and felt the presence of someone else around me. 

“Who’s there? If you have guts just show up.” I screamed but there was no reply. I tried calling out to Mr Anthony but I reckon he wasn’t home around that time because I got no reply. I got terrified and called up my best friend, Rahul, to help me out. Once I spoke to him for about an hour or so, I felt better. Hanging up, I walked towards the refrigerator to pour myself a glass of water. After keeping the bottle back into the fridge, I turned to drink the water I had just poured out but to my horror, the glass was empty and the water was all over the table. My horror knew no bounds. I looked around suspiciously to spot something…something out of the blue that could help me reach a sane conclusion. But to my disappointment, I couldn’t find any. Later I thought better of it and convinced myself that I might have poured the water on the table out of fright. Finally, I paced towards my bed and managed to get a dreamless yet comfortable sleep.

The next day broke out with blazing hot weather and I got dressed to go to the college. During the college hours, I kept thinking about it but Rahul always encouraged me to think positively which actually helped me keep myself from pulling all my hair apart. 

I reached home after a day of hard work and rang the bell. Soon, I realized that the door was already open and felt danger ahead. I gathered all my courage and entered the house. Everything seemed to be alright and my mind relaxed a bit. But my peace didn’t last long as I saw Mr. Anthony lying in a rather odd manner on the couch. I moved closer to see what was wrong with him and realized it was too late to do anything. He was lying there motionless. I raced to a nearby police station and registered an FIR. I escorted the cops back to the mansion to allow them to investigate further.

When we entered the house, I saw the landlord sitting and reading a newspaper as if nothing had happened. One of the cops smirked and said “I cannot see anyone dead here. I think you should consult a psychiatrist for your own good. Don’t bother us unnecessarily.” 

They disappeared through the horizon and I shattered on the couch nearby. I sat there for some time wondering what was wrong with me and finally gave in to the fact that I might actually be hallucinating. The inspector’s words hit me so hard that I literally started thinking of myself as a psycho of some sort.
After some time I realized that Mr. Anthony was sitting beside me. He asked “How are you doing Ryan? I hope everything is alright. Why were the cops here???// “
“Yes, I am doing well uncle….and….the cops…..ummm….cops just came by to drop me as I
was found in the restricted zone” I replied patiently.
“So how is your college life treating you? Would you like to eat something? You’re
looking quite distressed. What’s the matter?” he asked with a parental authority in his tone.
“Ummm… nothing sir. College life is fantastic. Also, uncle, I’ll be staying at a friend’s place tonight. So don’t you worry about the dinner.” I said immediately.
“Ok then. Good night! See you soon” he said and darted towards his room without waiting for my reply.
“Hmm…he is a mysterious little man” I thought to myself.
That night was a little better than the others. I finally got a nice, peaceful sleep. Next day I went to the college along with my friend and reached my home only at around 7 pm. The next few days went by in quick succession since I was busy completing my assignments and reports and nothing bad had happened in those days.

But almost a week later, my fears were revoked. The pages of my notebook were flipping
on their own and it literally sent chills down my spine. I moved forward like I weighed a 100 pounds more and tried to get near the notebook. But my eyes stuck glued on the page which read


As soon as I turned back I tumbled over the carpet and banged my head on the wall near a grinning Mona Lisa painting. Everything started to blur away but I held my consciousness and stared at the painting.
Again a message, but this time more drastic and written in blood.


I finally realized that there was nothing wrong with me, it was the house which was at fault and mist had done all its work. My body shivered and trembled as I heard a weird sound near the window. It seemed as though it were winter outside. I went in order to investigate but just saw a silent road down the window with no existence of life anywhere nearby.
I finally made a decision to try and explore what was going inside that house. Therefore, I reluctantly took a decision to take the help of a renowned ghoul catcher (tantric) Jhumru Baba who could talk to the spirits and even catch them if necessary. The next day I approached him with my problem. He heard what all I had to say and agreed to help. I was very pleased and led him towards my house. 

When we reached home, he started chanting all these prayers and chants which made the surroundings even more horrific. Seeing all the bones and blood being thrown into the pyre made me feel nauseous. When he was done with all the rituals, he looked like he was locked up in a room for months. His tone was
full of rage and he bellowed “bad and dangerous omen” to which I was taken aback intensively. At the end he warned me of the consequences and advised me to leave this place as soon as possible. 

I didn’t take his warning lightly and started packing almost instantly in order to leave the house but it was too late. I heard some footsteps near the attic of the house. I hurried with my luggage towards the door but it seemed like somebody pushed me and I fell on the floor. I was at someone’s feet! As I started looking up, the toes gave rise to legs and I almost swooned. Somehow getting back to consciousness, I continued looking up in hopes that it turned out to be Mr Anthony. But to my utter shock and disbelief, there was no body attached to those shadow legs. The shadow paced through the hall and finally I saw it pass through the door and I was struck back in horror as if something was engulfing me. As soon as I tried
to regain my posture, a mystical power threw me on the dining table as it crashed through. Blood started trickling down my head and I started losing consciousness yet again. I knew this was to be my end and I couldn’t do anything to save myself and then I heard a thud…*BOOM* I was falling down from the balcony and darkness drifted over me.
I don’t know how and why, maybe I’d earned some brownie points from God for being me, but I found myself safe and sound in a hospital bed. That was the last time I visited that place and also the
last haunting experience I had. It’s been months since I left that place but nevertheless, whenever I think of those moments, it sends shivers down my spine. I guess now time is the only healing agent left.

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Anirudh Deshpande

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