Things Every Writer Goes Through

Things Every Writer Goes Through

Writers have a very rare talent , that flows through their veins. It’s different and it’s well, beautiful! Writers have to be the most “wise” lot because people presume that we have it all solved, it’s not always the case.

Writers have a lot of experiences in a day , be it a professional writer or any one writing for fun, these are the few things that every writer goes through- 

  1. Writers’ Block– For the ones that are not familiar , a writers’ block is the temporary disposal of good ideas, even if we know what we have to write about, sometimes topics are so deep that we can’t totally express it in the best way we want to. This is probably the most annoying thing that happens to us, because it’s actually something in which you feel like you are emotionally and mindfully drained. A writers’ block may occur if he/she is over stressed, is writing everyday or has some other things that are not letting them concentrate on one single thought. Now, it might even occur if the writer has way to many ideas to actually write consistently about one thing. Some one relate? 
  2.  The Eureka Moment– Writers will be knowing this just a little too well. We will be sitting in the most random place, in a class, on a date , in the washroom , while putting on eye-liner when our brain kind of suddenly comes up with a dope idea, or with that single word we want to use in the post! It’s amazing that our sub-conscious keeps processing these thoughts and the moment it comes into our consciousness, we have to jot it down so that we don’t forget it! 
  3. Finding Errors– Okay , I think this is in every profession , to find something missing in your work. But am I the only one who posts an article, reads the fair version and finds a mistake. Correct it, read it again and again find an error. If I have posted this , I will edit it at least 5 more times, because I type too fast so that my thoughts are not lost thus resulting in the most horrific typos! We also always think that there could be something more, even it is just a word that could have made the article revolutionary, thus leading up to the eureka moment. 
  4. Long Text Messages– Yes, we write super long texts. We explain every emotion, physical detail of every thing. Chances are that if you have a writer boyfriend or girlfriend, you are subject to essays when you tell them that you love them. I love you for us is ,” When I see you my heart jumps with joy, my mind is sterilized of the negativity, as your peace sows the seeds of wisdom in my heart. Honey, you.. you give me premature ventricular contractions.” Yeah, that’s us, and there is nothing to be ashamed of, we understand the beauty of words people! Write your essays earnestly! 
  5. Notes, Google Docs App– It’s the habit of every writer to write their piece somewhere before we actually post it (and we still make typos) So chances are that we will use the notes app or Google docs, or lets get a little manual , a diary. Because of this very habit, we have our notes app full, google docs full and millions of diaries with every page FULL! We need a new piece of paper all the time , we consume books and dairies! 
  6. Incredibly Understanding– We overthink so much that it’s hard to keep up  with us.. writers generally show one of the two personalities, either they are total control freaks (i.e. me) or they are all chill , but we think nevertheless, we analyse every situation and are the best people if you want someone to understand you, because we can put ourselves in your shoes almost instantly! Writers are also most of the time very sympathetic and emotionally driven, we thrive on emotions, because most of the time that’s where we get our motivation from. Somehow, we are the most misunderstood lot among many people, as we are pretty philosophical and hard to understand in one go!
  7. Observers– We observe a lot. We observe hands, sitting positions, facial expression , voice tones, voice modulations, psychology of the person , etc. which is why we can elaborately describe . We observe because good description is the basis of good writing. So we are somewhat like artists , people who make portraits.. only that we paint with words and they paint with colors! 

So there you have it! These are the most common things every writer goes through. If I have missed out on something mention your experiences as a writer and what you go through. 

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