The Dark Heavy Clouds

The Dark Heavy Clouds

The Summer has burnt the grass down,

The leaves have gathered dust.

The blue skies need some colour, maybe some nice dark grey clouds,

The iron gates need to rust .


The peacock longs to dance again,

The rivers are waiting to overflow.

Rice crops want some heavy rain

And strong winds should now blow.

The birds want to bathe in the tiny puddles,

While children wet their socks.

Lovers hold hands and cuddle,

As the roadside drains clog.


Cars will pass splashing streams of water everywhere,

The electricity will fluctuate.

Instagram will flood with “rainy day wear”

As moods will rejuvenate.


Enough of the heat and the blazing sun,

Time for patterned raincoats and umbrellas to be shown.

Done with the vindictive seasonal fun,

It’s time for the heavy clouds to be torn.

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Anahita Khurana
A dreamer. Wanderer. An optimist. An avid writer.
My writing is what I call "Tragic Comedy", playing on the ironies and sarcasms of the huge classroom of life.
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