Just Because I am A BOY?

Just Because I am A BOY?

The “in word” now is- “Feminism” . Word of the year for 2 years .. indefinitely! Though I am totally for feminism and I believe totally in equalism. I don’t believe men have to be put down so that women can rise up. Women are strong, intelligent and beautiful , they are completely capable of standing up without any support whatsoever.

How many people write about what men go through?

A lot?

A few?

Not even that much.

Today, I was at the office of Railway Police Force. You know, I saw a lot of transgender men, about 15 to 20 of them. After we left, I asked my dad , “what causes them to be this way?” He said that they are either born that way or they go through child abuse. I went home and checked on the internet, I typed “Male child sexual abuse” and there were no searches.

Do you know how many boys in the backward classes go through tortured Anal Sex by their fathers and brothers? Men are strong, (Only society has drilled that into our minds) that doesn’t make sexual assaults to them okay. Today I could find two sites, who actually addressed and provided a helpline for them.

It broke my heart to think that we scream so much for harassed women but never for these boys who are going through it.

No human can survive it or be expected to have any kind of sanity after going through it, be it a girl or boy!

Yes, governments recognise them, which is awesome! But it’s more important to make a difference where the problem is being created.

Is anyone talking about it?


Let me talk on everyday situation, subject to almost any man.

Girls have this act they put up called, “Being hard to get” making a guy who likes you slog and fall at your feet, lose their dignity and self-respect for a girl who might eventually reject him. It irritates me, because if the same thing is done by a man is considered emotional harassment.

Don’t treat anyone the way you won’t want to be treated.

Male chauvinists, were created by women. Why didn’t we fight when an infant girl was being aborted? Why did mothers themselves tell the girls to bend their head  down? Why didn’t the mother let the girl eat the same thing as her son did, and not the leftovers? Why do mothers still deny that her son could have raped a girl?


Till date, women find other women as competition.

We put ourselves down.

Men, they aren’t the enemy.. It’s the mindset.

We shouldn’t tolerate any inhuman behaviour to anyone.

What’s wrong is wrong?

It’s devoid of gender, caste, class or religion.

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Anahita Khurana
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My writing is what I call "Tragic Comedy", playing on the ironies and sarcasms of the huge classroom of life.
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