Science-> Other Streams?

Science-> Other Streams?

Commerce and Humanities, an intact bed of roses…Is that the typical mindset common pupils or even sometimes science learners presume off ???

This fundamental question has crossed my mind a couple of times, in my journey as a student especially being a commerce student, i feel the need to prove them wrong by keeping my point of view.

There is a widespread notion of hierarchy in the streams, followed with a vicious order of difficulty-
Science -> Commerce -> Humanities
In India, there exist a traditional fallacy that science is a way more superior to streams like Commerce and Humanities.

Don’t these streams demand hardwork?

Irrespective of the pitch you go for, everything demands equitably uphill battle to fight for, hard work to achieve for and intelligence to excel in it.

There are numerous engineers who are still unemployed whereas there are millions of writers who show their penmanship by penning down the most alluring feelings.

If they truly believe that Commerce has “less scope” and Humanities-“apt for girls”, then they are regarded as having the “flock mentality” supported with lack of sensibility.

Why do we differeniate and contrast two different domains of interest??

Even marks cannot define your area of interest. Science students can pursue Commerce and Humanities field in their undergraduate and post graduate courses or even after that. This availability to science students have developed an illusion in the minds of science students that the field is superior to the other.
In India, many bloated plutocrats belong to commerce stream namely Dilip Shanghvi, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Lakshmi Mittal, Cyrus S. Poonawalla and many more

So, no stream is easy or difficult, it’s your capacity, potential and hard work that makes it to 100%.
Whether it is science, commerce or humanities, each play a fairly significant role in progress of civility.

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Amrisha Tandon


  1. Mohak Arora

    Amrisha, I liked the article
    Though you could have also mentioned the increasing competition in science field and hence low salaries. Only the IIT and MIT guys get good jobs and salaries, the same cannot be said for others.

  2. Alka Goel

    Amri.very good msg.for all the students who scared to choose their subjects.Every subject is good it’s depends that you can do with yr.100℅

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