Dilemma is a state of mind
Captivating one’s inability and indecisiveness
whether to hold
Or release the baggage of atrocious memories
By taking the trolley of forgiveness

A perplexed thought process conveys multifarious directions
A perplexed mind connotes multifarious meanings

But a heart strikes the right cord with authentic direction and a clear meaning

Our heart is a reflection of our soul
Inculcating deeper faith within god

A mere incandescence of love and blessings can erode the darkness of being in dilemma

A dilemma always leave in an interrogation,
To forget my past and move on with future?

But a calm heart answers the dilemma,
To remember my past, accept my present and concentrate on my future

Whatever happens, no matter what
Good or bad,
As time will make things fall into place…

Not lock stock and barrel that is experienced can be altered,
But no way can be altered until it is encountered

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Amrisha Tandon

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