DAD-A disguised hero !

DAD-A disguised hero !

I have a hero I call him dad,

Who makes me smile whenever I am sad.

Dad, You are my first love

For me, you are all above.


With a morning hug,

U wake me up,

Then you run errands,

To feed me by your hands

“I hate breakfast ”, I always shout,

But I will eat it by your hands, no doubt!

For u I will always be a kid,

Coz I feel safe in your heart`s grid.


With you every secret I share,

Some which no “father” would bare!

You understand me and we feel no generation gap,

I find solace when I sleep on your lap.


You are my best friend,

From you, I derive all my strength.

You always tell me:

“be bold and strong,

Voicing your opinion is no wrong..!!

Never let this world make you a fool,

Even in the direst situation u remain cool”

Whenever In any situation I get mad,

I remember Your advice dad.


U trust me and that’s my strength,

I will never let your head bend

Will make u proud one day

In this direction every step I will lay.


Daily I do pray,

Oh god! Don’t make my dad`s hair grey..!!

Can’t see u growing old,

Coz your finger forever I wanna hold…


“why can’t I see God?” as a child this made me sad,

Now I just smile and look at u dad!!

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Amisha Sharma
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