The wait

The wait

                       THE WAIT

I don’t know how the hell I had you find,

You talk of sense and you lose your mind.

Please try to understand who I am, what is me

Well I think I found, you were supposed to be.

Is just that a feeling or a happy sign,

Stay with me and everything will be fine,

I won’t resist nor will I ever rattle,

Will fight every war, every little battle,

If I had the courage to move on, I would

I would fill my heart as drastic as I could

With you do I walk and I choose to fly,

As we soar high up towards the sky,

It is you who I want and who I need,

Look through me and if you could read,

You guide me through and I solve the maze,

For a tiny eon here and there, share the gaze,

Your slightest run, your amazing gait,

I know this fact, you are worth the wait.  

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Akshita Deep

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