The travel

The travel

               THE TRAVEL

“Hello! Which batch?” He asked.

“S2 and you?” I responded, amused!
“same here, will meet you tomorrow, take care, bye!”, He greeted as he left.
This left me wondering, he was one of the most egoistic people in the class. Rage and attitude being his best friends.
For me, it was a new town, new class, new friends. I was really frightened.
“ Hello there, what’s up?”, he greeted.
I smiled and greeted back.
When I was returning back to home, he came. We wandered together to home. This was the first time we talked that much. And I swear, he was the most astounding person I ever met in my life.
That year spent with him were the best days of my life. Did we fight a lot? Yes! We did. But every time he came and embraced me, calmed me down. Those days can never be replaced. I loved him more than anything else, anyone else.
Meanwhile, came the most painful moments, “Separation”.
“ Hello, baby! Wake up. You look so sweet when you wake up”, He exclaimed on the video call.
Video call was the greatest mechanism of communication. You see the person and express. We spent ampere-hours together on video calls. And then came the day, the anniversary.
As I got downstairs to go to college I saw him standing right in front of me. I jumped on him and hugged him. We spent the day splendidly. wandering, dining, shopping. I introduced him to each and every corner of my locality. Marvelous it was.
Two days later, he was leaving. I went to the railway station to drop him. We vowed to talk on the phone until he reaches. And we managed that too. We kept on chatting until one of us fell asleep.
Next morning, the phone rang, some stranger picked the call. “ Hello, I am really sorry to tell you the person you are calling met with an accident. We tried reaching to the hospital but I am sorry!”
It was disturbing. It felt as if the whole universe was shattered to pieces. Everything appeared fraudulent. Everything seemed a nightmare. I yearn I could have been there to console him. He was broken. He didn’t believe it. But yes, it was true. I truly wish aforementioned journey never took place. It forced us to travel in parallel universes that can never coincide. And this is how I travelled to death.

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Akshita Deep

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