25 may 2017, Thursday

7:40 pm


I am in seventh heaven today. The most winsome moments of my life. Yay!! Finally you noticed me today.I fell unconscious in class and then you were so concerned about me. I wish I had fainted before….



28 may 2017, Sunday

9:00 pm


Dear diary, another stunning day with Atharv. He is so adorable. Our trip to Mysore was one of the best I can ever recall. The way we got close to each other was unbelievably true. Everything was miraculous.


4 July 2017, Sunday

8:45 pm


Just a week that we had been to the trip and everything is changed. You are best thing happened to me. I love you so much.



19 June 2017, Monday

9:30 pm


The phone rang, you asked me why didn’t I come to class today. 


“I had been to the hospital”, I replied.


“You alright?? What happened??” U asked


“Yes, I am! Actually my father is a doctor”, I replied.


We talked talked for some more time until u slept.



24 June 2017, Sat

11:00 pm


Another weekend and another party.


The evening was fun. Atharv was inquisitive about my hair. He noticed the difference.


“How did your hair grow so healthy and long in a week?”, He was curious.


Nothing,I said, smiled and we continued our talk.



4 July 2017, Tuesday

7:00 pm


I love the way you notice everything about me atharv. How could you observe the smallest of the changes? 


“Hey what happened to you hands?? It feels different”, you enquired.


“Nothing, my palms are that soft since childhood buddhu”.



These are some of the instances of your diary, Rishita. It conveys each and everything beautiful moments we spent together. I loved you more than anything in this universe, but then, how couldn’t I find the reality, Rishita? Everything between us was picture perfect. We were made for each other. We had something magical, something divine between us. But then why did u lie to me? I still regret why I believed everything you said. You made me live in an imaginary world Rishita. Everything you said was a lie.


You said your dad was a doctor​, how couldn’t I know that it was not the truth. No he was not. It was you, who was ADMITTED in the hospital.You missed classes but never revealed anything. I loved you so much but still, why couldn’t I figure out that it wasn’t your hair that grew but a WIG. How couldn’t I observe that the medicines faded your soul along with your FINGER PRINTS. Day by day you became more feeble and fragile. How couldn’t I feel the pain you went through during those chemo sessions Rishita.


I always questioned myself, why you never allowed me to touch your diary and today I am here with all the answers.


People say you can never change your destiny. May be this was what God planned for us and see, here on this bright morning, dressed in the best black suit i could find. I Atharv kneel infront of you with a bouquet in one hand and ring in the other. This had always been my dream, but not the way it happened, not today, not infront of your CEMETERY, not on your FUNERAL!!!

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Akshita Deep
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