We all have come across situations in our life when we are stuck between our BF and BFF. 

You are living a  fascinating life out there in your college or office with your friends and more specifically, your best friend. And suddenly you feel that glint for someone. You date each other and sooner you realise that he is the love of your life. Everything seems so flawless. But then it’s time for you to decide for your BFF to meet your BF and BOOOOOM, they are just the opposite poles. You try to patch up things but you can’t. So what was basically the reason behind it?? Let’s find out-


1) Jealousy​

 Almost every guy in the universe is born with the amazing talent to get jealous or anything and everything. Be it a toy or girl. Boys want competition. And you are likely to suffer the most in these situations when you have two boys in your life.


2) Time management

 You are one of the most busy persons in the world. Internals and assignments were just not enough. You now need to handle the two of them too, but you try to manage equal time to both of them. But like every other girl in the world, you fail.


3) Birthdays​ and anniversaries

Parties are joy. Isn’t it? Yes, it is, until and unless you are the one organising. Every event doubles up. Their birthdays, your anniversaries, their parent’s birthdays, their anniversaries and the line follows. You get that duty to surprise things. And everytime you stand clueless to do  something unprecedented. Gosh! It feels like Killing yourself. 


4)  Comparison

 Things really get messed up when the two halves of your life starts to compare everything constantly

They try to match things up. From the way you talk to the way you behave . They will want you to behave the way they want ,which will inevitably be entirely opposite to the other person.

5) Decision

 The most strenuous situations among the five. It really freaks you out when you need to choose between the two of them


Imagine, you have a pass for two, for an event you were waiting since long. Now, whom would you take along. If u keep your BF over your BFF, it would be unfair for your BFF who had always been there with you. And if it’s your BFF over your BF, it is so mean of you to give no importance to your boyfriend and have fun with your friends leaving him alone. So, what will you do?????

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Akshita Deep
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