How can we get rid of our bad habits? How can we change? Habits are the only obstacles to our progress and every human is a slave of his own habits, whether good or bad. One inculcates bad habits unconsciously but it needs a lot of hard work to practice good habits. Habits are like plants — to germinate and grow a plant, a person needs to do hard work, but weeds grow on their own. We must enhance our will power because it is the only way that can lead us to the path of meditation by practising good habits. Try to maintain a personal diary where we can write the type of personality we want for ourselves. Record the habits that stop you from progressing on the path of meditation.


We should always be truthful to ourselves, so try to talk to you with clear intentions. Pen down the reactions to situations — whether favourable or unfavourable. Later, dwell on why you reacted negatively to certain situations. Only we have the power to cure our own disease, when we get to know about it.


In the same way, if we recognise the habits that stop us from being successful, we must try to overcome them.


To begin with, record your good habits in your diary and write what you want to be and what is your eventual aim in life. Also write an affirmation of about two lines and repeat it in your mind as you try to sleep. As soon as you wake up in the morning, recall the same affirmation and pray to God for help in achieving your goal. Also, try to inculcate good habits within yourself and resolve to practise them regularly in your life. Think about your reactions to the different situations you come across during the day and dwell on those peaceful moments of calmness that you showed the previous day.


Do not think about the aggression that you displayed. If we spend time trying to fight against our bad habits, we tend to destroy our energy and, therefore we must preferably concentrate on our good habits rather than concentrate on destroying our bad ones. We must try to bring in goodness and innocence into our daily habits as eventually, this will become part and parcel of who we are.


Our bad habits then will automatically be left behind. Here is how you can discipline the mind so that it does not dwell on your negative traits:

  • Do not involve your mind in unnecessary thoughts. Rather try to concentrate on your positive and constructive thoughts and be curious to know more about them.
  • “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily”- anonymous Try to be motivated.
  • If your mind runs in the wrong direction, be strong enough to divert it back in the right direction.
  • Try to make your mind understand that it has to grow — so be pure and do the right deeds instead of thinking of the wrongs that you did during the course of your day.
  • do not think of you to be small or less powerful than anyone. You are a child of God, who is the king of the world. So, think of yourself to be someone who is blessed and portray the same in your behaviour.
  • Listen to what others have to say. Try not only to hear but listen from the mind and heart and further analyse what you have heard.
  • a single, good thought can change your whole life.
  • Try to be quiet and calm. Try to be peaceful.
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Akshay Vinayak
Friendly, hardworking, ambitious, gentle, quick thinker are some words that describe me as Akshay.

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