Some say.. (Part-2)

Some say.. (Part-2)

Some say Love’s gonna kill you,

where only the sincere one gets,

stabbed to death!

But, can you deny the fact that,

once born you have to die?

You got no option buddy,

go ahead, explore and love fearless;

or else you’re just gonna,

die a little, every single day..


Some say Love’s  a special feeling,

where two souls become one,

YOU and I becomes WE,

and hell turns into paradise;

just ’cause of that one promise,

a promise to be together,

let it be then, now or forever..

But, never forget that,

your story is written,

in a unique and special way..


Some say Love’s all about trial and error,

where it ain’t necessary to get it right,

at the first shot itself..

But ever wondered,

if you lost your faith in love,

just ’cause of that one wrong person,

you are just,

just one step behind in,

findng your soulmate,

and they are still alone in this world,

waiting for you?!


Some say Love’s scary,

where you’ll be scared of dejection,

scared of losing your partner,

or scared to hear a ‘Goodbye’ from them..

But isn’t it more scarier,

scarier to know that,

these things in your mind,

are gonna taunt you 24/7,

’cause you know obviously,

Mind can be the worst Enemy at times?!

So, go out there and express yourself,

it may happen or it may not,

why not give it a try?!

Waiting can hurt,

but what’s more painful,

is to forget someone,

someone you love!

Some say, some say,

Oh hold on!

What does it matter,

what those ‘some’ say?!

What matters is what,

your heart says,

your mind says,

and that’s what exactly counts!


Don’t you wanna experience,

those sweet and lovely moments,

with that perfect person?!

Don’t you wanna complete yourself,

with your better half?!

No one’s in a hurry alright!?

Just be patient and wait for the right one,

’cause you can’t rewrite the story;

the amazing ‘HAPPILY EVER AFTER’ story,

God has written for you;

But definitely add your bit of touch to it..


P.S. It’s not gonna be like any other love stories, because you are unique and God has added a unique touch for your story too..

A kid once asked God, “If you have written my story, why should I take any efforts? I’ll just go with the flow”, to which He replied that, ” You shouldn’t just sit back and watch.. It’s probably cause at few places, I have written ‘As you wish’ ” …

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Aiswarya Menon
" Writing is the painting of the voice"... - Voltaire
"Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go" - E.L.Doctorow
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