Some say.. (Part-1)

Some say.. (Part-1)

Some say, Love’s a crazy feeling,

where you lose all your other senses..

But what if you are ready,

to set fire to your senses

for that one crazy soul?!


Some say, Love’s a beautiful feeling,

where you don’t have to get it right,

like Romeo & Juliet..

But be like that,

Grandpa & Grandma who spent,

amazing times together,

ignoring each others flaws;

laughing their hearts out,

through those teethless gums..


Some say Love’s gonna tear us apart,

in such a way that,

you feel lost without your better half..

Ain’t that true?!

But shouldn’t you be there,

for yourself always,

because you die alone eventually?

Some say Love’s a funny feeling,

where you don’t know,

what happens to you..

Your tummy turns into a kaleidoscope,

you see them everywhere;

But don’t you think,

you do need to add an,

eenie meenie pinch of fun factor,

to make your life intersting;

and for sure ,

someone to look & smile at?!


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Aiswarya Menon
" Writing is the painting of the voice"... - Voltaire
"Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go" - E.L.Doctorow
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