Reincarnation – Science or Mythology?

Reincarnation – Science or Mythology?

The case which had gained the ultimate popularity in India in early 19th century, which claimed to be the strong evidence of reincarnation, which proves the beliefs of Hindus, which leaves many questions unanswered, which remains an unsolved mystery – The case of Shanti Devi. Can life exist after death? If so, how does it? How can the memories transfer from one body to another?

11th December 1926.

A beautiful girl was born in Delhi. She hardly spoke until she was 4. At this tender age, she started to tell his mother that this was not her home, she had a family 150kms away from Delhi, in Mathura. The naive words made no sense to her parents. Discouraged from speaking about her other life, at the age of 6, she ran away from home to travel to Mathura. She was put to school, Ramjas High School Dharyaganj in Delhi, after getting caught eventually. However, she never stopped speaking about her husband, children, and her previous home. The school headmaster was intrigued by the girl’s description of her previous life events. She told her husband’s name to be Kedarnath, a shopkeeper in the same village. Upon scrutinizing, he was able to find a resident similarly named who lost his wife Lugdi.


Mahatma Gandhi was soon informed about this incident. He invited Shanti to his Ashram to inquire and study the case. A committee of 15 members which included reporters, doctors and politicians were arranged and traveled to Mathura. As soon as she reached the village, she began speaking in local dialect. She guided them correctly to her previous house, recognized everyone and her possessions.

Unconvinced Kedarnath asked her many questions. She gave 24 statements which were correct. Included: that she died 10 days later giving birth to her child, the intimacy secrets which were known only to the couple, her husband’s favorite meals, naming a few. This left Kedarnath speechless. His wife Lugdi was reborn subsequently in one year 10 months and 7 days after her death!

This incident made the believers believe strongly in reincarnation. But, the critics tried to prove this putative incident false. She gave many interviews regarding near-death experiences (NDE), her past life incidents and undergone encounter after her death.

Many of the statements she made were completely related to Hindu mythology, for example, she stated that after her last breath she had seen a few people wearing bright colored clothes who carried her in a rectangular cot, away from earth. There, she reached a place full of brightness and was made to sit near Lord Sree Krishna’s throne. All these statements were driven only from Hinduism. Despite meeting her previous life husband, she remained unmarried all her life. It made the critics to argue that this turmoil is created just for the sake of reputation and to preach principles of Hindu mythology. Though she made many correct statements, several of them were wrong. All the correct statements she made were of logical.

How can a 4-year girl can think logically or can lie? She must have got caught somewhere if this was a drama in real. Shanti Devi is not the only person to avow remembering the past life incidents. There are hundreds of children across the world who stated previous life incidents and were documented. A few of them even include the moles as they used to have in their previous life. Some people were born with injuries if they had gone through in their other life.

How reincarnation could exist?

Research show that the median time between two lives is 16 months. 90% of the children say they were of same sex. At the age of 6, when our brain is ready for new development, most of such regains take place. Jim Tucker, a scientist who studies this phenomenon says, that claims, which are mostly wrong, can be from the children who desperately miss the love. But, in other cases, where the facts rely, the mystery of reincarnation can be solved only through quantum physics. The behavior of nature’s smallest particles can provide the clues to its existence.

A hypothesis regarding the existence of reincarnation states that this can happen if the material world can be derived from consciousness, where electrons and protons involve to produce events only when observed. When the consciousness created the material world, it is independent of the world to exist. If consciousness doesn’t require brain, it can continue even after the brain stops working. It could attach to a new brain and continue on it.

The mystery of life after death remains as a claim from ages. No proven scientific explanation is given and still many questions are unanswered. The answer always lies in the nature. May be the knowledge we possess is not efficient enough to relate these incidents, to prove to be correct or wrong. Until the proven theory is established, only the proven incidents can be taken into account for judging the existence.

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