Are We All Living in a Closet?

Are We All Living in a Closet?

Specks of Sun shine through the dew

A curtain rises on the field

All that’s left to glimmer and glow

Are lined shackles of steel.

Slow and slower, clink and clang

Silence defies them all

Nevertheless life goes on

No pot of gold, no royal ball.

Oh, so you see a light ahead?

Don’t worry, it’s not for you

Can you listen to wails of glee?

Your ears play tricks, too!

Left and right, hand to hand

You must move to match

One step out of line, or two

Could leave you in the hatch.

You feel the wind beneath your wings

But it’s the birds that fly

Gravity isn’t your worst enemy

It’s the norms that you live by.

Liberty is a French hoax

Democracy, simply a Roman myth

Because we live in a state of content

Our world’s just a bottomless pit.

Freedom? Is it a foreign phrase?

Or just a figment of the wit?

Could it really be termed as

‘The law’, ‘The norm’ or ‘The right which is writ’?

‘Dystopia’ is the destination I see

If we board this train of thought

As we step away from being ‘okay’

We probably wouldn’t be so distraught.

Take a breath and take it deep

Slow down, don’t just stop

Open the door into the world of the unknown

Before the curtains drop.


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ahad sanwari
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