Why is BigBoss 11 better than the rest of the seasons?

Why is BigBoss 11 better than the rest of the seasons?

The most awaited reality show of India premiered with a bang on 1st October. The makers had managed to create a buzz for the show even before the first episode aired with its “Padosi” theme which fascinated everyone to the core. It’s much loved host Salman Khan ne kiya Swag se Sabka Swaagat and got all set to leave other shows behind in the TRP race.

So what were the things that made this season so popular?


Shilpa-Vikas controversy

The ex-lead of Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai- Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta’s bitter sweet fights made the audience glued to the TV wanting to decipher what made Shilpa quit the show, why Shilpa hated Vikas Gupta so much that she made him cry and almost leave the house. And just when everyone thought their love hate relationship was over, Vikas sacrificed his favourite hoodie to save Shilpa from the nominations. Shilpa reciprocated by dancing like a true diva for Vikas in his captaincy face off with Priyank.



Shilpa v/s Hina

The Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actress- Hina Khan came into the house undoubtedly as the most popular contestant. Yet it was just a question of time when everyone realised that she wasn’t quite going to live up to her image created in the show. In a task she got the title of “blockbuster”, however, soon the tables got turned and Shilpa started winning hearts. She broke the record of the highest tweet count for any BB contestant ever!

The audience is loving her bubbly and effortlessly entertaining side and her popularity is increasing with each passing day. She won the singing competition against Hina, even though she didn’t sing that well her fans thought, “Shilpa was entertaining even in her imperfection.”

Another instance would be the recent voting that happened in the mall where Shilpa won with a good margin of votes. Sure! She is a Maharashtrian and had an edge over everyone else, but that doesn’t change the fact that she has been winning hearts all over India. Twitter is crossing all levels of insanity when it comes to arguments between Hina and Shilpa fans, which further reiterates that all publicity is good publicity.

The audience has narrowed down their speculation of the winner of BigBoss season 11 to two contestants- Shilpa and Hina, it’ll be interesting to see who’s actually in it to win it!


Sultani Akhaada

Then there’s the addition of the Sultani Akhaada making the Weekend ka Vaar even more exciting. Giving the contestants a chance to take out their frustration both physically and verbally. There’s no denying that we’ll all remember the feisty fight between Hina and Arshi for a long long time.



Families visited twice

Their first visit to the house was quite emotional having the freeze-unfreeze theme. But BigBoss had something else in store for them, their families came yet another time in the Padosi house, and this time to stay! The audience saw quite a bit of drama amongst the family members and could’ve resulted in something more if they had stayed another day.


No ticket to finale?

Yes, bigboss did give them a chance to win back the 50 lakhs they lost in the spaceship task but was there really a ticket up for grabs with respect to the nearly impossible task that was given? I don’t think so, BigBoss #khelgaye.


And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, BigBoss arranged a press conference. With the media all set with their fiery questions, let’s see how well the contestants answer them!

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