Seeds of life

Seeds of life

The seeds of life yet again dwell in the divine soil,

time slips by, just like grains of sand.

The scion becomes a colossal verdure,

then comes spring and the beauteous buds it endures.

Muffled inside the soft,

relaxing and sweet smelling petals,

I’m safe!

But it’s time to brace 

myself and come out with grace.

I spare the outside world a sneak peek, bravely, I glance,

the sky is an alluring alabaster,

children playing Bezique with the Madhatter.

But what I see next takes my breath away.

Folks walking on the soil in which my siblings reside,

girls plucking flowers to embellish a waist so wide.

Seeing this a sense of dubiety hits my soul,

should I face the brute world with a goal?

But I must dare to venture this journey,

as to keep on progressing is nature’s attorney.

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Aditi Singh

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