Promise in a nightmare

Promise in a nightmare
That morning, when she woke up
It was hotter than ever.
No blanket, no sweaters
But she felt as if,
She would burst into flames
And burn forever.
Her room is usually dark
But today it glared.
For once she thought 
She would die of the heat
And she ran to the bathroom
And stood..scared..
All she could see was bubbles
And the boiling water.
Vapours, and vapours
Coming out of the taps
And vapours was all that came
out of her shower.
And then his thought struck her
She shrieked out of fear.
“He should’ve been around
But he is nowhere..”
Her lips fumbled and she whispered
“..just be safe my dear..”
She ran out of the house
Gasping as she could see
Trees and buildings burning
Men burning and sun
Was burning to red
Like a fireball set free.
She rose her hands
Red like a furious desire.
She trembled, and fell down
And crawled on the land
And then, as a spark
She was all set to fire.
And then she saw him.
As calm, as ever he is.
In whites, smiling at her.
She opened her arms
And he picked her up in air
And hugged her to the bliss.
These few words were all he said
Before bending to kiss,
“No matter the sun gets angry
The world collapses,leaves fall,
Trees die, and the world burns;
  1. If we’re alive, we’ll be together…that’s a promise”
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Aditya Pratap Singh

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