Letters – 1

Letters – 1

Hi Mr. Monkey!

Do NOT call me a kid ever again! I am an adult now. After the few incidents I saw in the recent past, I am definitely anything but a kid.

Yes, if you are reading this then Aditi did not tell you everything. This is awkward I’m writing all of this but I guess it is very important that you should know. We broke up. You heard that right.

You know how I kept crying to you that I miss my Motu. It’d been six months since he’d left, and I had slowly started feeling better without him. Until when Aditi told me that he wanted to see me. Pranjal Mahajan wanted to see me.

31st January, 2014 Everyone is busy celebrating farewell when Aditi drags me and Anamika towards the junior section of the school. I see Pranjal standing on the door of III(C). Abhiraj also shows up and Anamika runs towards him and hugs him. I am pushed in the other classroom with Pranjal and the door is bolted from outside. I am trying to hold my tears when Pranjal holds me. We kiss.

5th February, 2014 We are sitting in the park while Pranjal is teasing me. I am still possessed by the memories of that first kiss. My friends leave us alone and he starts teasing me physically and I deny. He gets a little annoyed and I try to change his mood. One more thing, he keeps getting texts from someone but he never reveals the name.

11th February 2014 He is making silly vows and tries to touch me time and again when we’re returning to our homes from the coaching. He tries to touch me below my waist and I hold his wrist. He gets furious, pushing me towards the side of the road. I fall and my cycle falls on me. He goes away abusing me. I cry on my way back home.

14th February 2014 I know that he comes school early so I reach 30 minutes before the assembly time. I see the door of my classroom closed and I push it open. I see Pranjal and Vineeta making out. I slam the door in horror. After assembly he comes to me and I ignore him like I don’t know him. I call home that I’m sick and go home in 2nd period.

Aditi told him later, that I didn’t want to see him anymore. Once or twice he tried to block my way when I was returning from coaching and thankfully someone would show up and help me every time. 15 days and everything has changed around me. I cried for a few days but I’m fine now. Why not? Someone fucks my life and I should keep crying for him? No! It’s time to show him that I’ll stay happy. I am over him and I’m ready for good things.

It is ridiculous how three of your four forecasts came true. Pranjal would come back. He did. Pranjal would have an affair. Yes, he has. He would break my heart. He did. The last one I won’t write here though I kind of want it to be true as well. Even after feeling the way you did for me, you always kept being such an awesome support. Thanks a lot for that. I love you. As a friend. You’ve been friend zoned to the zenith, I know.

Aditi told me about you and Bareera. Look, I sincerely feel she won’t ditch you and you guys will be fine. Remember when you said “If you love someone truly, you’ll get him/her in the end.”? Well I agree in your case. No matter how many guys hit on her, she’ll be yours. And Aditi told me about your tragedy when you were caught texting her on the stairs of railway station by uncle. I laughed a lot on this so it is comedy actually and not tragedy. It’s okay things like this keep happening. I myself have faced it many a times.

Text me when you get your phone back. Its 76********. I miss you my monkey. Miss me too. God, my wrist is aching because of writing so much! I never wrote this much in my life, not even in exams!

Stay happy monkey. You’ll always be my best friend. And DARE NOT call my friends hot. I feel jealous. On a serious note, keep sharing your problems to me. I might not be able to solve them, but I surely will lighten your mood.
Rest of the talks over the texts, okay? Keep studying and smiling. Take care.

Bubye Monkey. Monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey.

Saanvi 🙂

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Aditya Pratap Singh

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