I’m a girl

I’m a girl

I am a dew.
A leaf:shining, new.
I breathe, I puff.
I’m shining, but I’m rough.
I’m fire. I’m a desire.
A nightingale; a song from a lyre.
I’m opportunity; a bird with wings.
I’m a chorus of destiny’s strings.
I dream, I sing, I think, I blink.
I expand forever: I can never shrink.

I’m a source. I’m deep. Life creeps beneath me.
I can hold. I’m bold. I’m wind: you can breathe me.
I’m aggression. I’m possession. I’m a celebration.
I’m boundless. I’m limitless. I defy gravitation.
I’m sky. I’m this land. I’m all that you can see.
I’m love. I’m eternal. I’m beauty and I’m free.
I am universe. I am the creator of it.
I’m infinite; yet you may count me in it.
I’m existence. I am the potential; an energy as well.
Still I’m the rare white pearl in that sea shell.

I’m that pearl…
“I’m a GIRL…” 

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Aditya Pratap Singh

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