6 things You Should have, If you are new to Photography

6 things You Should have, If you are new to Photography

1. Remote Shutter Release

remote shutter release is important in two ways: it lets you “take a shot” without physically touching the camera body, which also eliminates any potential for shaking and vibration. It’s most often used in conjunction with a tripod.

There are two kinds of remote shutter releases — wired and wireless — but it doesn’t really matter which one you get. More advanced remotes will have extra features like half-press support, built-in timers, and LCD screens.

This Neewer Shutter Release Remote Control provides a lot of bang for the buck, but do note that you’ll usually have to buy a remote that’s compatible with your particular brand of camera, whether that’s Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, etc.

2. External Flash (Speedlight)

Every photographer is going to need flash at some point, even if you never take shots in the dark. Indeed, there are many reasons to use flash even when you have a lot of ambient light! A photographer without flash is a gimped photographer.

But don’t use the built-in flash on your camera body. It’s simply no good. Instead, spend a little bit of money on an external flash unit (sometimes called a speedlight or flash gun).

You’d be surprised how much more you’ll be able to do, even with a single external flash unit.

3. Memory Cards

In photography, it’s better to have a handful of smaller SD cards than a single big SD cards. That way, if a card ever gets corrupted, you still have others you can use. There’s nothing worse than being unable to shoot because your only card died.

Make sure you buy the right kind of SD card for photography, which will differ depending on what kind of photography you’re shooting.

4. Cleaning Kit

Photography gear is expensive. Dirt, dust, and moisture can get into the nooks and crannies of camera bodies, lenses, and accessories — and in the worst possible case, can cause permanent damage.

Neglecting camera maintenance can be the most expensive mistake you make in the long run. Plus, dirty sensors and dirty lenses make for ruined photos.

Unfortunately, taking your gear in for a professional cleaning is also expensive. That’s why you should learn how to properly clean your camera gear yourself. Of course, when there’s a serious issue, you should take it to a professional.


5. Tripod

Few camera accessories are as versatile and necessary as a tripod. Whether you’re thinking of landscape, portrait, night, street, or even wedding photography, you’re going to need a tripod at some point or another.

Tripods are extremely useful for low light settings, as the stability of the tripod allows you to take longer-exposure shots without any blur. This stability is also crucial for things like night sky photographs and even proper selfie shots.

Checkout my another article on low light photography for more.

6. Photography Bag

The last essential item that photographers should have is a high-quality bag. After all, once you’ve bought all of the aforementioned items, it’s going to be a pain in the butt trying to carry it all without a properly designed bag for the job.

If there’s one thing you learn from this article, let it be this: camera gear is only useful when you have it on you when you want to take photos!

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