Sometime and somewhere

Sometime and somewhere

My little hands waved to and fro,
Underneath the light blue sky,
I ran along the sandy tract,
To catch a plane hovering high.

Calm and still were its wings,
Though flew a feet every time,
Racing along the riverside bay,
While the clock stuck already at nine.

Little sparrows left its way,
As they glided in glee,
And the machine moved forth,
Deceiving me to escape free.

It disappeared into the coulds,
Before anything i could sense,
Meanwhile, the path converged into woods,
Dark, silent and too dense.

My heart shrieked in agony,
Returning home in despair,
I might catch it soon,
Know not, someday, somewhere.

Not every time we succeed. The limitless chain goes on elongating. It is really impossible for the boy to catch the aeroplane. But, his zeal is a treasure in himself, which inspires to do what seems a fantasy. No matter how difficult it is, someday the ultimate happiness would inspire humanity, someday people would feel proud to uphold the flagship of their identity.
Compassion is, therefore, the universal element to exist. Spread humanity.  

Painted by: Abhisek Pani 

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Abhisek Pani
Pursuing B. Tech in Mechanical at College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar- a passionate painter, writer, and of course, a cricket fan.
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