Is beauty worth treasury?

Is beauty worth treasury?

Is beauty worth treasury?
I pondered for a moment again,
As I stood by the window,
Fondling the silver drops of rain.

One might embrace for beauty,
While beast for other,
Former endears without cause,
And, the latter denies to bother.

Chic rose that blossoms,
Captivating the hearts coming here,
While rationalists go accusing,
At the thorns, out of acute fear.

On a hot summer day,
Banyan being a prompt cure,
While dominates the faith blind,
That tree’s haunted, for sure.

Tall grasses in north-east,
Adorned by galleries and mills,
Menace of desperate invaders,
Who raid through cleavages of hills.

When admired, it’s beauty soars,
But, gets rusted and mundane,
At the hilt of hyperbole,
The element perishes in vain.

Visage is merely an illusion,
Enchanting the spectators’ eye,
Cropping hopes in land of realms,
Deceiving it’s state is a crude lie.

Thus, deliberations stretch further,
Testimony defined by course of duty,
A patriot gets crowned, I reckowned,
As the Harbinger of beauty.

Beauty is tethered in chains of discrimination. What beholds exuberance for one might not be the same for other. Miracle is for those souls who find depth in every little thing witnessed.

Painting credits: Abhisek Pani

Thanks for patience.

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Abhisek Pani
Pursuing B. Tech in Mechanical at College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar- a passionate painter, writer, and of course, a cricket fan.
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  1. Simply fabulous n gr8 poem Abhisek.I would like to advise you to make as simple as possible to attract larger readers.U have every potential to reach new heights in literature.Remember all gr8 authors always used simple language for more adoration.All the bests n good luck…

  2. The painting is really attractive n beautiful.However all they say dat beauty lies in mind only!U have left a message with a understanding n perception varying.Gr8 paint.Keep going n u will shine one day May Lord Buddha bless u in all ur endeavours…

  3. Mind blown away with ur terrified words ✒ Carry on Abhishekh…… ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)✨✨✨


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