I’m sure that all girls set alarms at night but in the morning they snooze until the last moment. We all have a race against time. Usually we do not get much time to get ready properly. On other hand we also want to look our best. So here are some quick hacks which will be useful for you in mornings-


1) All you need is concealer, foundation, lip and cheeks stain and mascara. These will help to go from just woke up to i am ready for the day.


2) No time to shampoo and running out of dry shampoo? Hat is the solution. Wear a hat and you’re ready to go.

3) If you like wavy hairs but don’t have much time to style, just wet your hair. Tie braids and blow dry them. Untie and you’re ready to go with beachy wavy hair.


4) If you are fond of cat eye look and you’re not perfect at it,Just hold up a card, place at edge and outline it. You will get the cat eye look.


5) If you get really pressed for time or overslept, just reach to one product RED LIPSTICK. Red lipstick has its own style and charm. You can carry it with any dress. It will make your look fresh and live.


6) If you have extremely oily hair and no time to wash them, what you have to do is just take a bottle and add water and baby powder to it. Mix it all and apply that solution on your hair. You will get beautiful hair in couple of time.


7) If you have a lot of makeup leftover on your face and you are out of makeup remover, just grab some coconut oil. Pour it on your palm. Rub it on your hands and pat on your face. Now grab a tissue and clean. You will get rid of makeup at once.


8) If you like smoky eyes, and you are out of time or cannot do it properly. Just take your kajal pencil and pat it above your upper eye lashes. After that grab an ear bud and spread the little points all over. And there you go with smoky eyes.


9) If you are too obsessed with applying lipstick every hour, here is a solution. What you need to do is after applying first coat, spread some talcum powder on your lips and then apply second coat. It will last longer.


10) If you have sensitive skin and get sunburn easily. Just freeze some aloevera gel in ice cube trays. Directly apply those frozen cubes to treat sunburn.


I hope this will be helpful to you. Try once at least.


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